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What if you could be rested every morning after a good night's sleep?

What if you could reduce all kinds of pains caused by body functions not working optimally?

What if you could just feel better and have more energy, every day, without using drugs, but exclusively through supporting the body's natural functions?

If you need a solution to this NOW,

Picture of Anita O'NeillMy name is Anita O'Neill, and I am a very happy wellness consultant for NIKKEN. I have had quite a few situations within my family and among my friends where people have been able to achieve some significant improvement in their life quality, thanks to using NIKKEN products.

My family is nothing special, in this regard. Some of us had our "small issues" with back pain, sore feet, headaches, arthritis, muscle infiltrations in the neck, tennis elbows, pain from recovering after surgery etc. Some of us just did not have any "issues" - but still felt a significant improvement in overall well-being after starting using Nikken's products!

I would like to share some of my experiences with you and share with you also some references to more information, so you can judge for yourself if NIKKEN is for you too. (I need you to understand, though, that I am not making any representations on behalf of NIKKEN - I am only reporting my own experiences, and they do not in any way whatsoever represent any legally binding claims for NIKKEN.)

Facing reality of our society...

Let's face it: we are not very good at taking care of our bodies. Most of us abuse our bodies and put our bodies under a lot of stress. Rarely because we deliberately ignore natural warnings, but simply because it becomes a habit that ends up getting so ingrained that the damages "sneak in on us", without us really noticing.

When you are concerned about a health problem, you might see your doctor and discuss the issue with him/her, hoping to get some solid professional advice about what to do about it.

  • Maybe you need medication? Can you get a prescription?
  • Maybe you need to change certain things you have taken for granted or not paid enough attention to?
  • Maybe you need to consult a specialist?

But what about simply helping the body take better care of itself?

Well, your doctor will not have learned much about this to earn his University diploma....

What if your body actually could do this - without filling yourself with chemical poisons and restrictions?

My personal experiences with NIKKEN

Let me give you just a few personal examples of what NIKKEN has done to me and my family.

Before NIKKEN, we all had our problems in the morning. Getting out of bed was tough - we were not at all rested and ready for another day. Our bodies told us to go back and rest some more - our brains told us to get up and get ready for work. With the NIKKEN magnetic mattress, it took less than a week to change that around! We slept less - but were fresh and ready in the morning - often got out of bed before the alarm clock ever got a say!

Before NIKKEN, I had some serious issues with sore feet. It took very little for me to not want to walk anymore.... With the NIKKEN magnetic insoles, I have experienced a dramatic improvement - I can stay on my feet much longer, even go shopping again!

My mother-in-law has bad 4 hip surgeries and suffers seriously from arthritis in the back She was in a lot of pain. Constantly. So much that she hardly ever slept... She got a magnetic pad she could use both to lie on in her bed and to sit on during the day when she sat in her favorite chair. After three days, she slept all through the night, except for waking up once to pee...

My husband does too much computer work... He often gets some terrible muscle infiltrations in his neck and wrists. Before NIKKEN, he could suffer for weeks and sometimes had to quit work for a week or two, simply to recover from the pain. After us getting the NIKKEN magnetic bands to wear, he just uses those for a day or two when the pain sneaks in - and he has not missed any days of work since - because of that!

Our old dog Bettemuir was 16 and suffered from arthritis in her back. It made her stiff and she had trouble getting in and out of the car. After we got her a NIKKEN Pet Pad to rest on, she jumped in and out of car like a puppy again - after just a week!

What NIKKEN is about....

Historically, NIKKEN was created for the purpose of helping people creating balance in their lives. Balance in five main areas:

  1. their health and body;
  2. their families;
  3. their spirit and mind;
  4. their finances;
  5. their relationship with their community and society.

Life is all about balance. If you screw up just one of the important areas for balance, you have serious problems with your life...

Acknowledging this, in its very foundation, NIKKEN becomes quite an "unusual" business! Its purpose is not simply to make profits for some shareholders, as the case is for almost all western businesses. Nikken's purpose goes far beyond that - and it shows on they ways this business is run! Sure, if you are only interested in the products, it might not matter - but that is your choice. You will still experience from dealing with NIKKEN and its wellness consultants that there is more to business than products and money....

Nikken's main line of products are based on magnetic and infra-red technology, put to work to help our bodies take better care of all the fundamental functions that make us feel good and resist disease. I cannot explain the physics behind it - but I can tell you, it works!

Most people have great difficulty believing in the products when they never tried them. When you, as I, do not understand the physics and the biology behind the technology, this is very understandable. But when they get a chance to have a demonstration done, or maybe borrow product for a few days, they just know that these products are not fake - they work!

Whether you live close to me or not (I am in southeastern British Columbia, just north of Idaho), I can certainly connect you with someone close to you! You see - NIKKEN wellness consultants are like one big family - we help each other. And our network stretches across the entire globe...

If you want to get in contact with a NIKKEN wellness consultant you can make personal contact to, then and I will try to get you connected. Please include a phone number in the e-mail, so I can introduce you directly to the other person.

If you would like to become a wellness consultant yourself, then and I will arrange for you to get more information about it. The best way would be if you would include a phone number and some times you can be reached at. I will then try to get one of our business consultants to connect with you, so you can get your important questions answered right away. (Be aware that being a NIKKEN wellness consultant is not for everyone. It is a very special MLM business opportunity that can form a very solid base for a financially sucessfulhome-based business. NIKKEN has lots of highly qualified education systems available, and a very effective support system - but your success will depend more on yourself than on NIKKEN, and the amount of support you will get and the degree of success you will achieve will match your personal efforts. It is perfectly OK to ask what they would be - and it is also totally OK to say that "this is not for you", if that's what you feel! For legal reasons, I cannot advertise in a public area (like this web page) what they are, so we will have to this by phone....)

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