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What if you could access the expertise of financial advisors and marketing consultants at no extra cost for your business?

What if you could have your attorney review your business contracts before you sign them? Would that possibly make your business more profitable?

Do you think it would help on your debt collection efficiency if your debtors got a letter from your lawyer?

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Picture of Mogens EliasenMy name is Mogens Eliasen (pronounced MOW-ence e-LEE-a-sen it is Danish), and I am a very happy member of Pre-Paid Legal Services , Inc. - PPL for short. I am running several small businesses from my home.

I am talking to you as a business owner here. About how you can protect your business from the legal mess in our complicated society. (If you are interested in what PPL can do for your family, please click here. Again: USA and Canada only...)

Facing reality of our society...

Did you know that your statistical chances of having to defend yourself in court are three times larger than your risk of going to hospital, sick? Hopefully, you have medical insurance to help you if you get sick. But what do you do when you run into a legal conflict?

Also, when you get concerned about a health problem, you see your doctor and discuss the issue with him/her, hoping to get some solid professional advice about what to do about it. Maybe you need medication? Maybe you need to change certain things you have taken for granted or not paid enough attention to? Maybe you need to consult a specialist?

Well, "law" is no less complicated than "medicine". If you try to know everything about it you will never get to do anything else.... You have a business to ruin - and you need to make sure that it generates a profit that makes it worth your time running it...

I know, once you get beyond 100 employees in your business, you can most likely afford to pay for expert advice when you need it. The problem is to get your business developed to the point where you can do that... You probably already pay for your accountant, right? But what about all the other areas of your business operation where you lack the personal expertise to provide the right solutions for your business? What about marketing? Advertising? What about financial planning? Incorporation? Diversification? Employee benefits and possible profit sharing plans? Hiring managers? Obtaining financial support and investments for development?

Can you see yourself, a small business owner, pay for expert advice in all those areas?

I can! Because I know how you can get it all without paying an arm and a leg that would wipe your business profit off the record!!!

Well, my personal experience may or may not pertain directly to you, but, seriously, my businesses are very diversified, and I have no employees. I am definitely at the end of the scale where most other business owners would have to do everything on their own, because they could not afford the help and expert support they really need. Unless they had a huge start capital to pull from. I have learned that it would be way too expensive for me to let go of the support I have available through PPL's business owner's plan - I wouldn't dare! But, judge for yourself. I assume you are probably visiting this page because you see a possibility that you could benefit from it too, and I don't mind helping you with the information you need to make that decision.

My personal experiences as a member of PPL's BOLSP

I have been a member of PPL's Business Owners Legal Solutions Plan ("BOLSP") since 2003 - and the value of the service I have received has been tremendous.

My personal experience is that getting the advice on time will solve 90% of the problems in your favor. The balance is a matter of having heavy-duty support when you need it. And, in a small business trying to develop in a complex market, this is far from simple... Let me give you some examples of legal issues I have experienced myself in the last two years, relating only to common business issues:

  • Incorporating my own business for a new venture.

  • Reviewing a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement with a service supplier.

  • Reviewing a Joint Venture agreement.

  • Reviewing a lease agreement for office space.

  • Closing down an old business and selling the assets to a party that wanted to buy also goodwill; reviewing the agreement I made for this.

  • Putting together contracts for my service suppliers (I have no employees and will never have anything to do with Unions...).

  • Obtaining advice from a financial expert about structuring a new business venture so it would qualify for a government grant.

  • Making a shareholder agreement for a passive investor in one of my businesses.

  • Obtaining advice regarding resigning as a Director for a business I wanted to close without running into personal legal problems with liability.

  • Transferring assets to my Trust from one of the businesses without getting into tax problems.

  • Getting an agreement voided that was illegal - after I was forced to sign it under pressure.

  • Taking action against a former subcontractor who stole some of my proprietary knowledge and started a competing business almost next-doors..

  • Finding out what exactly I needed in terms of permits in order to export restricted goods legally.

  • Review of purchase/license agreement for implementing new technology from a foreign country.

  • Review my lease agreements for production equipment.

  • Dealing with a customer complaint that was outrageous and untrue.

  • Review of marketing materials to make sure they do not make any claims that could cause legal trouble later with liability (more or less an on-going thing...).

  • Review of my marketing plan by a marketing consultant.

  • Getting input from a marketing consultant in regards to the details of a new advertising campaign.

  • Getting referrals to web designers for construction of a new web site.

  • Debt collection - dealing with bad accounts

  • Debt collection - getting advice as to how to reduce the risk through a stricter payment policy).

  • Identifying ways to cancel a lease agreement that no longer worked as it should - without ending up paying a fortune in penalties.

  • Resolving a conflict with my credit card merchant bank that did not want to correct an error they made.

  • Responding to the government's demand for information it was not legally entitled to get.

  • Pursuing a claim for losses caused by theft of my property while it was in someone else's care.

  • Pursuing a claim of damages against a joint venture partner that broke a confidentiality agreement and used the confidential information to underbid me on a government contract that otherwise would have been mine.

  • Dealing with a client that refused to pay my bill for reasons that had nothing to do with my or my service.

  • Finding a way of supporting an American subcontractor who wanted to stay in Canada and work for me.

On this list, I have not included anything pertaining to my private affairs.

Take a careful look at that list. I hope you realize that I did not ask for any one of those conflicts. And I believe that the occasions I chose for seeking expert advice I hope you also realize that something similar could happen, and most likely also will happen, to your business....

What would you think it would cost to involve your attorney or an external consultant in each and every one of these cases? Seriously, if you try to calculate the fees I would have paid for those services and expert advice if I would have used the phonebook instead of my PPL membership to get it, it would have mounted to tens of thousands of dollars... I don't know of any normal home-based business that would not choke to an early financial death by paying for that....

The best part is that the payment very rarely is a net expense. It sounds weird, but the fact is that most businesses immediately will save money on other accounts that will more than match the monthly membership fee. I am not talking about fluffy theory here, but hard financial facts you can get your accountant to sign for.

By the way - how much do you pay your accountant? $75/month? $125/month? Maybe $300/month? And why do you pay your accountant that much? Because it would cost your business far more to not do it!

It is the same with the consulting services in the PPL business owner's plan. If they represent a net expense to your business, I suggest you forget about them. But if they can make your business more profitable, wouldn't you want to take a look at them?

I believe so. Now, there is a little work involved, but I have made most of it up front for you to simply review. It comes in a form of a series of small e-mails that guide you through the process of checking out each area of your business where PPL's business plan could save you money. At the end, you can make up the balance - and decide what you want to do. If you have questions to any one of the e-mails, simply respond to it and I shall give you an answer.

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A few more details about the plan...

Pre-Paid Legal started with a car accident in 1969 and developed from there first into a family protection plan. (You can get more details about that part of the story here.)

Next step was "the home-based business rider", which really was an extension to the family plan that covered also a home-based business. But too many of those businesses grew, too fast...

The "Business Owners Legal Solutions Plan" (BOLSP for short) was created next in co-operation with, who provides consulting services and expert advice to small businesses in the areas of tax, accounting, marketing, advertising, finance, technology, organization etc. ( was founded and is still managed by Fran Tarkenton, who not only was a brilliant football player and team member, but also is an extremely qualified coach when it comes to helping small businesses succeed.)

Together, PPL and cover all the "tricky areas" where small businesses all too often run into problems that kill them. With access to the expert advice from both capacities, your chances of developing and growing your business successfully get dramatically enhanced. The idea behind the plan is to provide an expert panel that will be there with specific answers to you whenever you have a question or a problem you need to solve. You typically get your answer within 24 hours - 7 days a week! Note: there is no limit on the number of questions you can ask!

On top of this, you will get access to some formidable resources that can significantly help your business grow. The resources are in all the areas that are covered by the membership. On the legal side, they will even include a complete trial defense in case your business gets sued - 75 hours covered, at no extra cost to you! On the marketing side, you get access to one of the most comprehensive business data bases in the world to identify prospective business customers in exactly your niche!

In contrast to medical insurance, the legal services will also cover any past problems you still might have lying unresolved...

It is actually overwhelming, so don't despair if you don't quite comprehend it yet. But that's what I want to help you with. The e-mails will explain the detail and will give you the numbers you need to make your own calculations. You are a business owner, so you can make your own decisions. I just want to help with the facts, so you can make an informed decision...

In order to get more information about the Business Owners Legal Solutions Plan (BOLSP), covered by PPL and, please fill in the form below and hit the "Submit Query" button when done!

The information will be sent to you per e-mail in small digestible installments - the first part immediately. The e-mails will contain the specific information you will need in order to find out how exactly your business could benefit from such a membership, and they will explain the details of the program in simple business terms.

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The information is sent to you automatically, so you don't need to feel bad about causing me any inconveniences by requesting it - I will not know, unless you respond to one of the mailings (all replies get forwarded directly to me).

You can stop the information e-mails any time you want. Each one contains a simple link to click on, and when you do so, your e-mail address gets deleted immediately from the mailing list. One mouse-click - that's it!

If you want it all at once, I will be happy to let you have it that way - just or call me at 1-509-242-7863 so I can help you.

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