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What if you could afford to have access to an attorney?

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contact the people you have a conflict with?

Would that possibly resolve the conflict faster
- and in a way that would benefit you?

Have you ever had problems with some legal issues you let go of
- simply because you could not access legal advice
and legal services to support your claim?

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Dear Seeker-of-Justice,

Picture of Anita O'NeillMy name is Anita O'Neill, and I am a very happy member of Pre-Paid Legal Services®, Inc. - PPL for short.

I have had some situations which could have turned into legal problems for myself and my family in addition to what an average family will experience - and have repeatedly been "rescued" by PPL’s lawyers and their genuine advice, most of the time before I ran into trouble, and a couple of times also after I thought it was too late.

I would like to share some of my experiences with you and share with you also some references to more information, so you can judge for yourself if PPL is for you too.

I am talking to you as a family person here. About how you can protect your family from the legal mess in our complicated society.

The Pre-Paid Legal solution...

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If you want a short introduction to what PPL is all about, I suggest you click here and view the movie they made for this. It is quite informative - and short.

If you want to see what the person who referred me to PPL has to say about the company and his experiences its services, you can do so here (opens new window).

For a brief overview of PPL long history and background, you can click here (opens new window).

Why aren't you signed up yet? Because I did not tell you how, of course... Silly me! But you can get the instructions for signing up right here (opens new window).

Yes, you can be "up and running" in 2-3 days, even with a legal issue that already has started.

Take care!

Anita O'Neill

P.S. If you are ready to get overwhelmed with a lot of information, you can check out PPL's web site - but if you would rather have the information per e-mail, then please fill in the form below and hit the "Submit Query" button when done!

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