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The history and background of

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The Pre-Paid Legal solution...

Historically, Pre-Paid Legal started with a car accident over 30 years ago. The founder, Harland Stonecipher (still active Chair and a man I truly admire for his vision and leadership), was hit by a drunk driver and had his car totaled. Well, insurance paid for the car. He also had medical insurance to cover his own "repair" in the hospital. And business insurance to cover his loss of income.

But there was nothing to cover him when the drunken driver sued him for damages!

It was outrageous - there was no fault at all on Harland Stonecipher's side - but he still had to defend himself in court in order to not lose everything he owned! His bill was very high - but not uncommon. The $10,000 could have killed many others, and it almost brought him to bankruptcy - regardless the fact of him winning the case! 30 years ago, $10,000 was a lot of money - and it still is a significant sum for most people...

Well, the inspiration is obvious. The result is Pre-Paid Legal Services , Inc. - PPL for short. PPL has, over the 30 years, developed a coverage of 49 States and 5 Canadian provinces, serving about 1% of all North American families. That's a lot of people - but still very far from covering the market potential, which independent consumer reports claim should be 85-90%. The very rich don't need PPL - they can afford to pay for their own lawyer. In the past, the poor didn't need PPL either - the government would pay for their legal defense should they need it. However, this is not the case any more. Most States/Provinces have now cut the funding or passed legislation that strips those services down to virtually nothing.

So, everybody who is not yet a millionaire will have an outright financial benefit from a membership - not to mention the peace-of-mind it also creates....

I should explain what a PPL membership is: It is like being a member of a consumer organization with access to all the expertise provided by the law firms that are engaged by PPL to serve its members, typically one or two firms per State or Province. These law firms ("provider law firms", as they are called) are hand-picked and always amongst some of the highest qualified law firms currently in practice. They cover almost every aspect of law with a staff of specialized attorneys. And they network with each other, so you cannot find an area of legal expertise that cannot be accessed through a PPL membership...

For a small monthly fee (varies with geography and local law as well as the plan chosen (never more than about $1 per day for family coverage), a PPL member gets access to this network's expertise.

The membership works this way: when you have a problem or a question you need advice about, you call the provider law firm in your state/province (toll-free number provided). You explain your case to the receptionist, so the "expert" can be appointed. It is most often an attorney in the firm, but it could be someone from another law firm, for instance if the problem involves the law in another location where local expertise is required.

Once you have explained the nature of your case, you will get a call from the attorney that can help you - shortly after (sometimes minutes, most often the same day, and definitely within 48 hours). You discuss your case with him/her and obtain the advice you need. If the case calls for any additional research, the attorney will provide that for you. If it calls for the attorney to call your opponent to set things straight or to write a letter on your behalf (with the law firm's letterhead), then this might be done. The main thing is that your problem will be attempted to be resolved in the most cost and time efficient way possible - and because of the pay structure, the provider law firm has a vested interest in getting the conflict resolved, not escalated....

And it will not cost you anything extra...

On top of this, you could have another question the next day. Still no extra charge...

There is no limit for the number of issues you can bring up and have covered by your membership fee! (As long as you do not repeat yourself or ignore the advice you get.)

Now, if getting the right knowledge on time is not enough for you to prevent your conflict from escalating, you can get additional legal services rendered from the provider law firm at extremely favorable terms, subject to the specific plan you signed up for (some plans are not available in all states/provinces yet, so I cannot make any promises before I know where you live... the plain minimum you will always be entitled to is a 25% discount of the standard fees, but with many plans you are completely covered for all costs involved in defending yourself in court!)

In contrast to medical insurance, a PPL membership will also cover any past problems you still might have unresolved...

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