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What if you could afford to have access to an attorney?

What if you could have your attorney contact the people you have a conflict with? Would that possibly resolve the conflict faster - and in a way that would benefit you?

Have you ever had problems with some legal issues you let go of - simply because you could not access legal advice and legal services to support your claim?

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Picture of Anita O'NeillMy name is Anita O'Neill, and I am a very happy member of Pre-Paid Legal Services ®, Inc. - PPL for short. I have had some situations which could have turned into legal problems for myself and my family in addition to what an average family will experience - and have repeatedly been "rescued" by PPL’s lawyers and their genuine advice. I would like to share some of my experiences with you and share with you also some references to more information, so you can judge for yourself if PPL is for you too.

I am talking to you as a family person here. About how you can protect your family from the legal mess in our complicated society.

The Pre-Paid Legal solution...

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If you want a short introduction to what PPL is all about, I suggest you click here and view the movie they made for this. It is quite informative - and short.

If you are ready to get overwhelmed with a lot of information, you can check out PPL's web site - but if you would rather have the information per e-mail, then please fill in the form below and hit the "Submit Query" button when done!

The information will be sent to you per e-mail in small digestible installments - the first part immediately. The e-mails will contain true stories about other people's experiences, useful information you should read, references you should check, and instruction on how to proceed. Hopefully, this will enable you to judge for yourself how a PPL membership could possibly benefit your family.

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The information is sent to you automatically, so you don't need to feel bad about causing me any inconveniences by requesting it - I will not know, unless you respond to one of the mailings (all replies get forwarded directly to me).

You can stop the information e-mails any time you want. Each one contains a simple link to click on, and when you do so, your e-mail address gets deleted immediately from the mailing list. One mouse-click - that's it!

If you want it all at once, I will be happy to let you have it that way - just or call me (toll-free) at 1-877-668-2765 (1-877-NOVASOL), so I can help you.

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"The Doggy Bone"

This is about
financial liberty and your personal freedom:

Free information about how you can protect yourself, your family, your business, your assets, your income, your Estate, your privacy, and your personal freedom from exploitation, harassment, and loss that could have been prevented - by using the power of both National and International law.

The editorial content of "The Doggy Bone" is mainly case stories and examples on how you can use corporations, trusts, foundations, and legal services to protect what is legitimately YOURS - to the full extent possible by law, both Nationally and Internationally. If you take no action, you are extremely vulnerable to creditors, including frivolous claims and your government's mistakes - it takes only one lawsuit to strip you of everything you own, if you are unprepared!

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"The Peeing Post"

This is about
dogs and how you deal with them when you love them:

Free information for dog lovers about how you can develop the ultimate relationship with your four-legged companion, respecting its nature as a domesticated wolf. Tips, in-depth articles, and references to all kinds of "dog problems" relating to communication, training, feeding, health care etc.

The only way you can make your dog truly happy is by qualifying yourself for winning the "pack leadership elections" that are held every day in the dog's mind. The first step towards your pack leadership is to understand what is going on in your dog's mind.

Subscribers to "The Peeing Post" will get free advice per e-mail in return for accepting publishing of the question, the answer, and the results obtained.

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