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Picture of Mogens EliasenMy name is Mogens Eliasen (pronounced MOW-ence e-LEE-a-sen – it is Danish), and I am a very happy member of Pre-Paid Legal Services ®, Inc. - PPL for short. I have had some situations which could have turned into legal problems for myself and my family in addition to what an average family will experience - and have repeatedly been "rescued" by PPL’s lawyers and their genuine advice. I would like to share some of my experiences with you and share with you also some references to more information, so you can judge for yourself if PPL is for you too.

I am talking to you as a family person here. About how you can protect your family from the legal mess in our complicated society. (If you are interested in what PPL can do for your business, please click here.)

Facing reality of our society...

Did you know that your statistical chances of having to defend yourself in court are three times larger than your risk of going to hospital, sick? Hopefully, you have medical insurance to help you if you get sick!

And, when you are concerned about a health problem, you see your doctor and discuss the issue with him/her, hoping to get some solid professional advice about what to do about it.

Maybe you need medication?
Maybe you need to change certain things you have taken for granted or not paid enough attention to?
Maybe you need to consult a specialist?

But what do you do when you run into a legal conflict?

Well, "law" is no less complicated than "medicine". If you try to know everything about it you will never get to do anything else....

You are probably visiting this page because you are a valued business contact or a friend that I wanted to share this information with because I saw a possibility that you could benefit from Pre-Paid Legal also.

My personal experiences as a PPL member

I have been a member of PPL for about 3 years - and the value of the service I have received could pay for my membership till I reach an age of 153... at least.

My personal experience is that getting the advice on time will solve 99% of the problems in your favor. Let me give you some examples of legal issues I have experienced myself in the last two years, relating only to common family issues:

  • A conflict with a former landlord about vital repairs not being done to rectify problems that were outright dangerous.

  • Also, problems with this same landlord not repairing the water pump to enable us to have water.

  • Signing a new rental agreement.

  • Selling a big ticket item with transportation and customs involved, so I needed a trustworthy contract made up with the foreign buyer.

  • A parking violation ticket I got regardless having paid for my parking and did not want to pay.

  • A warranty problem on a repair job that wasn't done right in the first place, and I did not want to pay extra to fix it.

  • My medical insurance did not want to renew the coverage unless I paid them for my last two check-ups - which they should have covered.

  • A former friend who did not pay me in accordance with the sales agreement we had for some equipment I sold him.

  • A dispute with the Ministry of Children And Family Development over my son's treatment for Asperger's - the social worker did not want to honor the written agreement we had for this.

  • Dealing with a threat from that same ministry's side to cancel our agreement relating to our son's care.

  • A conflict with the government over taxes they wanted to charge me personally for a corporation that was dissolved several years ago.

  • Dealing with a demand from the Federal government to pay money back that actually is owed from the Provincial government who deducted it from due payments to my fiancée; in reality, it should have been a transfer from the Provincial government to the Federal government that should not have involved her cash flow at all...

  • Buying a house without involving a realtor.

  • Getting a truck rental company to accept paying for the damages it did to me by renting me a truck that could not start because of mechanical defects.

  • An outrageous threat from my ex-wife's family to sue me because they found our separation agreement unfair to her - 5 years later.

  • Disputing a bill from a moving company that did only half the work, but charged twice the amount that was agreed - because they made a mistake and brought inadequate equipment along the first time.

  • Trespassing and theft from my property - I knew who the thief was, but the Police did not want to do anything about it...

  • Dealing with a threat of assault from another houseboat renter that did not want me to ask him to make his drunken party stay quiet on the public beach for the night.

  • Making the phone company accept their own mistake of billing me twice for all my long-distance calls over two months.

  • Having a collision with a dog that was behind an electrical, invisible fence - but lost its collar and saw a gopher on the other side of the road...

On this list, I have not included anything pertaining to my businesses. And I have not included anything pertaining to my late wife's death and the conflicts I had with her family over her Estate. (Had we done our wills through our PPL membership, I would not have had those troubles either, but that's another story...). Neither did I include anything that relates to my immigrations across the Canada-US border in 1999 and 2001. Such problems would not be "typical" for someone else - although you might have something similar happening to you or to any member of your family.

Take a careful look at that list, though. I hope you realize that I did not ask for any one of those conflicts. I hope you also realize that something similar could happen (and most likely will happen) also to you....

What would you think it would cost to involve your attorney in each and every one of these cases? To have him write a letter to your counterpart in three cases, and make two phone calls on your behalf? Plus talk to you on the phone, at least 15 minutes each time, for many of the cases up to an hour in total, over several calls, three of them across the border?

What would it be worth for you to know that in each and every one of those situations, you got such an understanding of your own legal rights and possible courses of action, that you knew you made the best possible decision and got the best possible outcome?

Well, I know you will be very conservative if you count a competent attorney's time at $200/hour, with a minimum charge for half an hour per contact...

Here is what I paid: US$16/month. A total of $384 over the two years.... That's less than what two consultations with an attorney would normally cost!

On top of that comes the most important part: I feel very secure because I know I have a competent attorney on the phone for advice any time I need it, no matter what issue (except drunk driving - which I plain simply don't need any advice on...) that I have to discuss - and at no extra cost to me! The peace of mind I get from that is priceless.

Mogens Eliasen

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