Is your home-based business
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Mogens Eliasen
Your Home-Based Business Coach

Sad facts:

  • 98% of all Internet businesses cost money - they don't make any...

  • 95% of new businesses are abandoned by the owner in less than a year.

  • "90% of all "exciting opportunities" go out of business in less than 2 years.

  • "The main reason for failure of a home-based business is lack of support and direction.

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  • Starting with the end in mind - your personal mission and your goals
  • Making sure you have FUN with your business
  • Marketing and sales - and enjoyable activities
  • Prospecting and using resources
  • Defining what you want from your business and from your support
  • Your customer profile and how you find your customers
  • Why your competition is more important than you like...
  • How you check out the opportunities you consider
  • Assessing risk - and the risk of not taking action...
  • Specific ways of prospecting - regardless of your business
  • Specific examples of business opportunities
  • Why a home-based business is the only true "job security" you can get
  • The personal qualifications you need to develop to become successful

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Mogens Eliasen
Your Home-Based Business Coach

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